4 Useful Tips to Make Your Garage More Functional

Car entering a garage

Many homeowners view their garage as a space to shelter their equipment and cars from the elements and ill-meaning intruders. As long as the door opens and closes and there’s enough space to park the car, then they’re good. The garage is more than just a storage, however. Here are simple ways to get the most out of this crucial yet often neglected space:

Make a list of useful equipment you intend to buy

Your garage is the perfect space for a DIY car maintenance, and JMC Equipment agrees with this statement. With a Bendpak 2 post lift installation, a tire balancer, a grease gun, automotive hand tools, and other useful equipment, you can do basic repairs at home. Decide what’s the most important equipment for you and start with that.

Purge the garage to make space

For some reason, garages tend to collect clutter easily. Examine your garage carefully and take note of anything you haven’t used in years. Move it out of the garage to avoid wasting space. That leaves you more space for the more useful equipment you’ll be using.

Adopt creative storage solutions

Once the clutter is gone, decide where everything will go. A neat and well-organized garage is fun to spend time in. Create a shelving system to store your tools and supplies. Use boxes, ceiling hooks, and a slat wall to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Apply some great finishing touches

Your garage, like any other space in your house, needs to look great. Repaint it with a nice looking coat of paint. Use some stain proof flooring tiles on the floor and install some stunning light fixtures as well. All these touchups are both functional and decorative.

You only need to implement a few changes in your garage to make it more functional and attractive. After these changes, you’ll find that keeping your vehicle and equipment in pristine shape is so much easier than you thought before.