5 Smart Ways to Save on Car Rentals When Traveling

a woman inside a car being assisted by car rental agent

Whether for leisure or business, you will need to move from one place to another. If you are unfamiliar with a place, using public transport may not be ideal, especially if you are not familiar with how the system works. It is, therefore, essential that you budget for your transport expenses when making plans. Unfortunately, you can never be assured that your estimated figure is what you will use. To help you navigate your destination at a reasonable cost, there are four smart ways that you can try.

1. Drive a car yourself

Chauffeur-driven rides come at some extra cost. In Manila, look for a car for rent, and a sedan would be ideal. It allows you to adjust depending on changing circumstances, such as the fluctuating cost of fuel and your required speed. You can save some money by renting a sedan.

2. Book as early as possible but keep looking

Car rental prices increase during peak season. To avoid getting caught in the hype, book your car the moment you decide you will be traveling. This will increase your chances of landing a good deal.

3. Avoid airport rentals

Getting your car at the airport is convenient, but it comes at an extra cost. Check out hiring companies situated outside the airport and use a taxi to get there. This way you are likely to save some cash.

4. Decline instant rental insurance

While picking your car, it is likely that the company will try to sell you their insurance. The charges are usually quite high. Check your insurance before traveling and know what it covers. If you need additional cover, purchase it beforehand.

5. Bring your own GPS

Although car GPS comes in handy in navigating areas you are unfamiliar with, most rental companies will charge you for it, thus adding to your expenses. If you are a frequent traveler, investing in your own GPS will only cost you the initial price while saving you some money every time you travel.

Extra charges incurred from renting cars can make your stay quite expensive. Use the tips mentioned above to avoid hidden charges the next time you travel.