Top Reasons You Should Choose Carefully Your Local Automotive Repair Shop

Mechanic Working on a Car Engine

Scheduling your car for regular checks is one way to prevent auto accidents. While many opt to return their vehicle to the dealer shop for preventive maintenance and repair, more and more car owners choose to visit their local automotive repair shop here in the Salt Lake City area such as Certified Automotive.

These are the main reasons.

Best Price

Dealer shops usually charge a flat rate fee for any repair services in any of their branches. This means you get to pay the same high cost even for minor repairs or just for preventive maintenance.

Not with your local auto repair shop as they usually offer discounts, both for new customers and returning, as well as freebies and other enticing offers.

Two reasons: beat the local competitions and make sure you visit them in the future.

Personalized Service

First-in, first-out, this is the policy when you visit a dealer shop. So no matter how early you arrived, they will continue to do where they left off. In fact, you rarely get the opportunity to interact with the mechanics at dealer shops.

Not with local auto repair shops, they are determined in providing the best customer service. So depending on the gravity of the issue, there’s a big chance you get to go home with your car already fixed if you’re willing to wait.

Plus, you get to ask these experienced mechanics about car tips or the things to look out among other things. They also get to have a good grasp of your car’s engine. That way, they can easily tell you if they notice something before it worsens. Remember, prevention comes in cheap.


Car dealers with experienced auto mechanics are usually assigned in shops located in major cities. But why drive many miles to the city if you do not have any assurance it will be ready the same day? Visit your local auto repair shop and get a personalized service from experienced auto mechanics.

There are other great benefits should you decide to stick with your local auto repair shop especially in times of emergency. From simple oil change and other preventative maintenance to major repairs, having someone you trust is always better, not to mention it’s much faster.