3 Trade Show Mistakes To Avoid

Blurred View of a Crowd

Any business worth its salt would want to participate in trade shows because of the number of potential leads the event can generate. Though it's hard to measure the success of trade shows in terms of bringing in profit, it's still an excellent way to put your brand out there. The question is, are you getting the most of your trade show participation? 

Avoid making these mistakes: 

Not Making an Effort

Participating in a trade show is not just about paying for a booth, posting about the event on social media, and hiring interns to man the booth. You need to have someone knowledgeable to act as the face of the company; otherwise, you're telling attendees that you don't know what you're doing. For most attendees, it's the first time they are hearing of your brand. Make trade show services like Vonazon work for you by having email marketing support and graphic design services to set your brand apart. 


As soon as a potential lead checks a booth, you feel like you need to tell them everything about your company. You launch into this history of how your brand came to be, because it's such a special story that needs telling, right? That's why you have a section on your website for your company's profile. When you're at a trade show, you need to be concise. Be straightforward and talk about what sets you apart–if leads are interested, they'll check your website, where they'll see more information. 

Not Following Up

A trade show is not a one-and-done deal. It's not over after you've packed up. What you want to do next is follow up on those who have expressed genuine interest. Send them a quick email to recap what had happened, and include a call-to-action that completes the sale

Whether it's your first time to participate in a trade show or you're a yearly part of the lineup, you still need to be wise in how you use this opportunity.