Best Types Of Locksets for Buildings

Door Lock and Keys

Your establishment’s security is one of your biggest concerns. There are various ways to enhance the security of your building, but picking the right lockset is the least costly and most efficient options.

There are a variety of locksets in the market, but only a few are ideal for property owners for whom security is paramount. Having reputable mobile locksmiths to install the lockset and carry out routine repairs is vital for your property’s security. Here are the most secure locksets you can buy.

Mortise Locks

These are powerful locks available in heavy and light duty models.  Mortise locksets are available as levers or knobs and typically comprise a cylindrical body which houses the lock. This makes the lock resistant to forced entries. These locks are also highly durable and ideal for high traffic areas since they withstand constant use exceptionally well.

Keypad Locksets

These locksets have unique features for additional security. Keypad locksets are ideally used in commercial establishments with many employees but can also be used in residential buildings. They allow property access without necessarily using a key and hence reduce the chances of unauthorised entry. Some keypad locksets are entirely keyless and incorporate various biometric features for extra security.


These are single and double cylinder deadbolts. Single cylinder deadbolts are activated from the outside with a key and a turn button on the inside. Double ones can be opened from both sides with a key. Deadbolts are typically used in residential areas with the single cylinder being the most popular because of its high-security level.

You can choose which lockset suits you. Your door’s backset, for instance, should be a perfect fit for your lockset. Get a professional locksmith to assess your doors and advise you on the best lockset choice for your property.