Drumming Up Some Noise for Your Product Launch

man presenting product launch on large screen, to table of business people

After a few months (or even years) of developing an ingenious product, you’re now ready to launch it. You may feel excited and anxious, and that’s normal. After all, a new product launch is one of the testaments that your company is growing and is getting more innovative. It only makes sense that you are happy and excited about it (and a bit anxious caused by certain misgivings about public reception).

Nevertheless, as ADM Productions and other industry experts noted, it is important that you drum up some noise for your product event. If you are looking for some ways on how to make your product launch truly attention-grabbing, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Create some teasers

Creating noise can be done by distributing teaser materials. That way, people will wonder, ask, and follow through. A series of funny and witty teasers will do. Be careful, though, as people’s expectations can be high. You have to make sure that your product launch will live up to the hype.

Use your social media platform

The word on your product launch can be disseminated online, and it will gain some traction with the public, especially if you have a great following. You can use Facebook Live to cover the event. If you want to create more conversations around your product launch and your brand, you should come up with a memorable hashtag.

Work with some influencers

Part of drumming up some noise is by working with some online influencers. Influencers work, as they can create organic content for your brand. Things may become more effective if the influencers you get are actually users and believers of your product.

These are just some of the things that you can do to create some noise for your product launch. Ensure the logistics of the event to avoid some problems.