How Much Should You Spend on Office Supplies Every Month?

Office stationery on table

The average cost of supplies for companies depends on the size of the business, the number of employees, and the respective industry.

A small business with up to four workers spends between $77 and $92 per employee each month on office supplies. Those with 40 employees spend up to $53 monthly, while companies with more than 200 employees may spend up to $32 each.

Industry Use

When planning a budget for office supplies, it’s important to take a look at where you can cut corners such as reducing paper waste. Some companies like law firms naturally use more paper than an IT service company, but there are ways to save on costs.

For instance, many office equipment and product suppliers offer discounts for bulk orders. These not only include basic supplies but also order desk systems. Another way involves implementing strict regulations on the unnecessary use of company resources. It can be a simple memo about not taking more than two pens, or limiting each employee’s access to printing documents and files.

Office Set-Up

For start-up companies, finding ways on how to save on office supplies will be their priority after determining the right office set-up. The three common types of floor plans for offices comprise the open, closed and modular workstations.

An open floor plan promotes collaboration among employees. It’s also a good option for shared office spaces, but it offers limited privacy and storage. The closed workstation plan is the opposite, but it requires a significant amount of space. A modular workstation will be your best option if you want to combine the benefits of open and closed floor plans.

Despite the prevalence of digital technology, many companies would still need to purchase office supplies such as paper and pens. How do you save on company resources every month?