Steel: The Material for the Modern Age

Steel being cut

In all countries, steel is essential for economic growth and progress. Its malleability and durability have made it possible to create steel sheets, steel plates, and steel spare parts for the automotive and manufacturing industries. It is an essential component in automobiles, ships, aeroplanes, and other mechanical components. Companies such as the Hascall Steel Company know that steel has made the modern world what it is, and understand that this material has provided a lot of opportunities for growth, both in an industrial and human scale.


Many cities have used steel processing, manufacturing, and fabricating as the foundation of their economies. Cities like Sheffield in the UK and Pittsburgh in the US were shaped by the steel industry. The processing plants that manufacture flat steel sheets and coils have helped cities grow and develop into urban centres.

Providing jobs locally

Steel provides jobs for the local population, but it also helps local steel artisans, scrap metal sellers, factory workers and steel suppliers. Steel has enabled millions of people with jobs from mining, manufacturing, fabricating, to supplying it to many other industries around the world.

Steel is recyclable and reusable

Steel and other metals can be rare or common, but they can also be recycled and reshaped after being discarded. For many industries, recycling steel has become a cheap alternative in manufacturing and engineering. Many machines, gadgets, and appliances use recycled steel to minimise production costs and labour.

The multiplier effect on the economy

There is usually a ripple effect that comes from the steel industry. It could provide the basics, such as housing and construction, but could also provide the essential parts for modern gadgets and machinery, which are necessary for economic growth in today’s digital economy. For many countries, steel is the foundation of the modern world, and anything that affects the industry affects a country’s financial future.

While steel production might be viewed as a medium level industry in some countries, its contribution is still seen as a vital element that helps improve a country’s economy. For many, the steel industry is still where the future lies.