Storage Facility Options Offered by Moving Companies

Man holding clipboard checking boxes

Corporate relocation involves a considerable amount of items. These range from your furniture, products, and machines to papers containing sensitive information. As such, it might be difficult to move everything within a day.
Thankfully, professional long distance moving companies have storage facilities that their clients can use during relocation. This allows you to move slowly as you pack items and put them in storage ready for the move; therefore minimizing the risk of losing or damaging the items.

Here are the storage facilities you mover might have:

Outdoor Storage

This option comprises units that can be accessed from the outside and often have dividing walls and roofs. Outdoor storage is a perfect option for storage of large items, as they can be loaded and unloaded directly into large trucks, making them easier to move and access. It is, however, not ideal for storage of temperature-sensitive and valuable items.

Indoor Self-Storage

This comprises storage units inside a building. Indoor storage facilities have enhanced security and monitored climatic control systems. They are an ideal choice for storage of small boxes, temperature-sensitive items, and property that needs maximum security. There exist upper and ground level units in most indoor storage facilities. The ground-level units usually cost more than the upper-level ones since they offer easier access.

Mobile Self-Storage

This is often a portable container, which is parked outside your office. You can pack your items slowly and access them at any time. If you are de-cluttering or downsizing your office for the relocation and are not sure what to keep or sell, mobile storage is the ideal choice.

The above storage facilities have the options of short or long-term storage. The amount of time you need to use the storage facility determines how much you pay. There are many storage facilities these days. Those run by moving companies, however, offer lower rates for their clients compared to others.