Techniques that Boost the Impact of Your Videos

Man shooting a video for his online marketing

In today’s online marketing climate, you will need different types of content to reach your audience and convert at a higher rate. One of the mediums that has made it to the forefront is video; the latter provides a multimedia approach that allows you to say more within a shorter time-frame.

Experts on web development and design services such as cite the following ways you can achieve the results you want with videos.

The 7-Second Rule

The attention spans of visitors are getting shorter because they do not want to waste their time on spam and advertisements they do not like. You will have to convince them to click on your video and watch it in its entirety within seven seconds.

These first few seconds must contain at least part of the message you want to convey and display on or two benefits of the product you offer. You can start with a question that elicits intrigue or pique the curiosity of those that watch the content.

Search Optimized

People cannot see your video if you fail to optimize it properly. Some of the ways to achieve this are to include the following:

  • A catchy title
  • Unique description
  • Script for closed captioning
  • The right tags
  • Customized thumbnails and annotations
  • Suggested content
  • Calls-to-action

Platforms such as YouTube put a premium on the time a viewer watches a video and viewing sessions.

Different Platforms

Share the video or at least the link to it across different platforms to boost traffic, clicks, and viewing sessions. This enables you to reach a wider audience that uses a certain type of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar ones.

These are some of the strategies you can implement to drive more traffic to your videos. The video improves your conversion rate because it allows you to say more in less time. Viewers can also see the features and benefits of choosing your brand with this type of content.