What Does It Cost to Have Equipment Coverage?

Yellow dump truck

Proper equipment coverage is a critical element whenever you are considering the quality and duration of service that your construction equipment will offer you. Buying your tipulator trailers and earthmoving machinery from a reputable supplier like Bison Equipment will assure that you are getting the best equipment in the market.

However, you have a part to play here, too. Ideally, that will include you conducting due diligence in confirming the following two key features:


Getting a warranty, whether extended or standard, for your construction equipment will protect you from having to foot any repairs or maintenance costs before the expected return on assets. Does that cover all modes of acquisition? Yes, your supplier should provide you with a warranty whether you are purchasing or hiring the construction equipment.

Most importantly though, confirm what the warranty covers before you sign it. A good check will include the specific parts and systems that the warranty covers, as well as the amount above which you will require covering extra maintenance expenses.

Protection Plans

Typically, most warranty periods are a year, or two, at most. Well, that will work for you if you are hiring or planning to use purchased construction equipment for only that period. Beyond that, the supplier will not cover any maintenance costs that you will incur. For this latter case, it is advisable that you purchase a protection plan to extend your warranty period. But first, confirm whether your earthmoving equipment supplier can tailor a protection plan that suits your financial needs before settling for one.

Warranties and protection plans make an excellent way of ensuring proper equipment coverage for your tipulator trailers and other earthmoving machinery. The big question now remains: Can you forego one for the other? Ideally, that will depend on your budget; but, you can discuss with your supplier to identify possible financing plans you can use to get both. It will pay.