Workable Ways to Maximize Warehouse Storage Space

man checking inventory of warehouse

Expanding your warehouse might not be an option if you lack space and money. If your storage needs increase only seasonally, expanding it will also not be a priority. Fortunately, there are workable ways to address space inefficiencies without expanding. Highlighted below are a few of those approaches.

Optimize Aisle Width

Improperly optimized aisles waste plenty of space. Narrowing the aisles works, but you should not approach it blindly. For instance, you should do the same in line to the processes your floor staff carries out daily. There must be enough space to guarantee effortless running of processes. You should also consider the type of forklifts you use in your warehouse. If you use larger model forklifts, reducing the space acutely will most likely mean inconveniences later.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Storing up frees up floor space. Investing in modern shelving systems makes stocking goods at higher levels possible. Before installing any racks, consider how you would be stocking and removing goods from rack tiers. If you handle heavy and bulky stock, you should prioritize safety when choosing shelving systems.

Remove What You Do Not Need

It is important to dedicate your warehouse to your inventory only. Storing items that should not be stored therein uses up space you do not have. You should also remove obsolete inventory. It is true that it might be useful in other ways, but it simply eats up space.

Organize Offsite Storage

Having everything readily available guarantees convenience. However, overstocking means an overcrowd warehouse. Using offsite storage reserves your warehouse for the stock that will be shipped sooner. If possible, work with suppliers that offer storage support for the overstock.

If managing your warehouse yourself is a challenge, you can always seek help. Most supply chain solutions providers such asĀ Nexterus offer additional services such as warehouse management, packaging optimization, delivery solutions, and custom procurement.