Caring for Curls: How To Maintain Your Curly Hair

A young lady with luscious curls

Your curls make you unique and are part of your crowning glory. Treat them with a high-quality regimen, as Kerluxe promotes through their hair product collections. While maintaining a head full of curls might be time-consuming, seeing your curly mane healthy and frizz-free is worth it. Take note that, with proper hair maintenance, your curls can be in their best state.

Here are five ways that you can keep every lock, twist and turn vibrant and healthy:

Cleanse the scalp

When shampooing, focus on gently rubbing and cleansing your scalp with your fingertips. A clean scalp provides a healthy environment for your hair. Avoid dirt and hair product residue build up on your head to prevent scalp problems.

Choose your hair products wisely

Your curly hair can be delicate and fragile. Look for hair products designed for your hair type. A mild shampoo or a low-lather cleansing conditioner can refresh your scalp and hair without taking away your hair’s natural oil and moisture.

Comb correctly

Be careful about how you style your hair. Gently comb your hair section by section to avoid breaking the hair shafts and creating a frizzy mess. Remember to use a wide-tooth comb before you shower, and use only your fingers when your hair is wet. How much time you put into this will determine the quality of your curls throughout the day.

Go easy on the heat

Studies have shown that too much exposure to heat leads to hair loss. Plus, curly hair loses its natural spiral-like strands when heated. If you notice that your hair has become lifeless, give it a week or two away from your blower. Make sure that you use other hot styling tools in moderation, too.

Go to a curl-expert hair stylist

Always consult a hair stylist who has experience with handling curly hair. It is best to go to someone who knows and understands the characteristics and behaviour of curly hair.

It is possible to keep your curly mane manageable. It might cost you a bit of time and money, but the end result is fulfilling.