Chiropractic Care After Traumatic Injuries

a woman undergoing a Chiropractic treatment

Being involved in a road traffic accident is shocking, upsetting and painful for those who have gone through it. After receiving treatment from a hospital, chiropractic can be used to realign joints, ease discomfort and speed recovery. Some people can develop a long-term chronic pain throughout their body after motor vehicle collision and may still have significant discomfort months after the event. Chiropractic care can reduce post-crash discomfort and the risk of developing chronic pain, helping them regain their health and confidence.

Symptoms after an Accident

Symptoms that may be experienced after an accident include whiplash, stiff or painful joints, sprains, fractures, headaches and migraine. General muscle weakness and body aches are possible, but painkillers aren’t the only solution. Chiropractic offers a drug-free way to feel better, and patients may discontinue their medications or require less.

Chiropractic Assists Rehabilitation

Chiropractors are the only alternative medical practitioners who can diagnose problems using X-rays. They will identify the cause of the symptoms, perform basic neurological tests and create a care plan for the patient. They can:

– Use spinal manipulation to realign misaligned joints. Even mild injuries that don’t cause any immediate symptoms may cause dysfunction if not corrected quickly.

– Do soft tissue massage of the affected areas can loosen muscle tension, ease pain and reduce the need for pharmaceutical medications.

– Stabilize the spinal column, improve balance and restore flexibility to get patients moving around faster after their injury. Physical rehabilitation experts and chiropractors in Chandler, Arizona are experienced in providing restorative treatments after traumatic injury.

– In-office physical therapy.

Accidents happen. When they do, instead of putting up with the pain, having chiropractic adjustments boosts the immune system, decreases stiffness and soreness, soothes and quickens time to recovery by harnessing the power of the body to self-heal.