Dealing with an Autoimmune Condition

Doctor examining a patient's hand

It creeps on you slowly, unseen and undetected. Stalking you with skilled stealth, getting worse with each passing day it remains undetected. Like a predator patiently stalking its prey until the time is ripe to move in for the kill. Well, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis might not be terminal but can have a severe impact on your life.
After years of silent progress, goiter, a pronounced swelling in the first indicator that you may be a victim of this autoimmune disease.

Do not ignore the symptoms

As the condition progresses, you might notice a plethora of unpleasant changes in your body that might throw you off balance. You might experience unexpected weight gains accompanied by fatigue and sluggishness.
You might notice that you constantly need to carry a sweater or a jacket since you are more sensitive to cold. Again, you might experience constant pains in your muscles and joints. Your hair may begin to thin and fall off or become quite brittle.
Women often tend to suffer from heavy and irregular menstrual periods and have difficulties conceiving. Your skin also assumes a pale complexion and your face may become puffy.

Do seek medical attention

While the exact cause of the condition is not well known, experts point to that age, sex, and heredity determines susceptibility. Since the condition severely damages the thyroid gland, it has no known cure as well.
However, credible help for Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients is available. You can regulate hormonal imbalance and ensure the resumption of normal metabolism in the body. For the best results, your physician considers your weight, age and severity before recommending medication.
With the right dose, the symptoms should disappear, and your goiter shrinks as well.
Autoimmune conditions can take a toll on your life and health as well. You stand a better chance of beating Hashimoto’s thyroiditis if take immediate action and seek proper medical treatment from a specialist.