Grief Management: What are the Treatment Options?

Therapy session

Divorce, job loss, or the death of a person close to you may trigger grief. While grieving is an important step in the healing process, sometimes it leaves people in unhealthy emotional and mental states.

Having the ability to identify a grief-related issue, and understanding the procedure of finding bereavement services will help you or your loved one lead a normal life again after a significant loss, says Indiana-based Center for Hospice Care. Here are some therapy options that can help you manage your grief and get a grasp of your life again.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

According to scientific studies, human behaviors and emotions are pegged on and influenced by their thoughts. Since people can positively influence their thoughts, they can also adjust their behavior and emotions to be more positive. As such, this therapy involves a patient and a therapist to help you learn how to react positively to external stimuli and thoughts about your loss.

Medically assisted grief therapy

Medical experts are somewhat divided concerning this therapy. While no known pill will take away your grief, there are medicines present to treat symptoms of grief. For instance, some people experience anxiety, lack of sleep, and hallucination, among other mental conditions. Prescribing drugs can help manage the mental aspect while the patient manages the emotional side. However, some medics think that the medication stalls the healing process for the patient. This therapy should be administered depending on the particular case of a client.

Other therapeutic methods

This treatment umbrella consists of methods such as complicated grief treatment, group therapy, and individual counseling to help relieve grief-related problems. The complicated grief treatment is divided into three phases. They are dealing with and sharing loss experiences, reviewing the recovery process, and laying down a plan for the future.

Grief is not like a common cold or a fractured hand. As such, it might be impossible for you to wake up one day and declare that you are completely healed. However, finding a bereavement facility will make your journey easier and help you manage your grief, and reactions to triggers.