How to Get Invisalign in Three Easy Steps

Invisalign in a case

In order to take advantage of the best that dentistry has to offer, patients need to understand the process of getting the treatment that they want at the dentist. This is always important, but it applies even more strongly when considering a long-term treatment like teeth straightening with a method like Invisalign in West Malling. Choosing the right equipment can make the difference between a smooth, enjoyable treatment process and something that needs to be endured.

Fortunately, a skilled practitioner, like One Smile Oral Care, will be used to offering patients the information they need to work with a treatment like Invisalign in West Malling. It’s often possible to break a process down into easy steps.

For Invisalign in West Malling, these might be:


The consultation process is where the dentist checks a patient’s teeth and assesses their teeth straightening needs. There are some issues that are more suited to the use of Invisalign than others. Once the dentist has done a thorough check, they will be able to advise the patient on whether they can choose to work with Invisalign.


The fitting process for Invisalign is relatively simple. The dentist simply needs to take scans and impressions to gather the data they need to send to Invisalign. Each practitioner who is approved to offer Invisalign is specially trained to do this.

Pick up aligners

Invisalign aligners do not need to be fitted. Once Invisalign receive the data they need from a patient’s dentist, they use it to make a series of aligners that will take their teeth from their current positions to the desired ones. Each person’s set of aligners is different. However, everyone works their way through their own series one by one until they have completed the set. Each aligner is worn for 7-10 days, depending on the system. The patient will receive clear instructions on all of this from their dentist when they pick up their aligners.

Once the treatment process has started, there are other instructions that a patient will receive from their dentist in order to wear and care for their Invisalign over the course of their treatment. They will be supported at intervals by their dentist.