How to Take Care of a Child with Asthma

A girl using an inhalerAsthma afflicts 7 million children in America. It may be difficult to find out that your child has asthma too, but you can relax at the thought that millions of people have also overcome the challenges that asthma brings. You can help your child manage his or her asthma, and watch your child grow strong by learning how to deal with the medical condition.

What You Will Need

You will need knowledge and medication to deal with asthma. An over the counter bronchodilator counts as the main medication for asthma. You will also need a nebulizer and others that your pediatrician recommends.

Follow the Action Plan

When your child begins to have an attack, you can follow the action plan set by the pediatrician. Usually, you simply have to hand over the medication and the nebulizer. Give your child five to fifteen minutes to recover. When the attack persists, you can follow the additional instructions in the action plan. Otherwise, when symptoms worsen, call on emergency services.

Teach Your Child

Of course, your child must also learn a few things for you both to successfully manage asthma. You can teach your child what asthma symptoms to look out for and to tell an adult if your child feels an attack coming. You can also teach your child to relax, rest, and take medication, especially when your child has high levels of energy.

Prevention and Avoidance

Prevention acts as a key method to overcome asthma too. You and your child can learn what elements to watch out for and avoid to keep asthma from acting up. These elements can include allergens from pets, cold weather, irritants from dust or dirt, and pollution. Depending on the severity of your child’s asthma, strong perfume can also induce an asthma attack.

You can learn more about excellent care and maintenance practices from your child’s pediatrician. As long as you follow these practices, you can keep your child safe. Your child, in turn, will be able to grow and eventually be triumphant over asthma.