Most Commonly Asked Questions about Palliative Care

photo of two people holding each other's hands as a sign of comfort

A palliative care program is one of the most suitable options for patients who want to pursue life-extending treatment for an incurable or progressive disease. However, choosing the best medical facility for your loved one’s needs isn’t an easy feat. The Center for Hospice Care shares a few questions commonly asked about palliative care services in Indiana and what you can learn from it.

How do I know when it’s time to get palliative care?

There are several reasons a person might want to consider getting palliative care for a loved one. Usually, people who suffer from uncontrollable emotional or physical pain and those who need help in understanding the situation of a specific illness seek this type of care.

Will my loved one remain independent?

A palliative care team will give your loved one the options on how he or she can stay independent as long as possible. The team will always respect your family’s decisions if the patient would like to remain independent on a daily basis.

How will it improve my loved one’s life?

Palliative care is a combination of symptom control methods, which are a part of your basic treatment. Your palliative care team will spend a lot of time with your family to help everyone understand the patient’s medical condition and the possible care options. They’ll also ensure that your loved one’s transition from the hospital to a palliative care facility will be much smoother than you would expect.

A community-based, non-profit organization is a great option should you decide to get palliative care services for a loved one. Team members will support your family in setting goals that can help your loved one live a much more meaningful and enjoyable life as he or she gets treatment for an illness.