Old Mattresses: The Back-Breaking Truth

Woman Suffering from Back Pain

If you wake up unrefreshed with a sore back, the mattress might be to blame. Old, saggy mattresses or those that are too hard can cause a backache. It could be time to replace the mattress.

Doctors cannot always identify the cause of back pain, but many time it is related to the condition of the person’s bed. Old mattresses that have lost their spring and overly soft or firm mattresses are unhealthy for the spine.  Aside from being bad for your back, old mattresses can cause a variety of health issues. The solution is to replace the mattress every eight to 10 years. Sound expensive? Experts at 2 Brothers Mattress note that it doesn’t have to be – you can look into a mattress sale in Utah for better value mattresses rather than making do with an old one or springing for one that is way beyond your budget.

Why the Right Mattress is Important

It’s important to choose the right mattress. Excessively soft mattresses cause a hammock-effect and sag in the middle. Excessively hard mattresses, on the other hand, are unforgiving on the spine as they put too much pressure on it. To check if your mattress is too soft, lie on your bed and place your hand under your lower back. If you can’t do so easily, the mattress is probably too soft. If there is a big space in between your back and the bed, the mattress is probably too hard.

Solutions for Back Pain

Memory Foam – Memory foam forms itself to the body, giving support without pressure. It was adopted by medical professionals for use in seating pads and mattresses for disabled people, to prevent pressure sores. As the foam returns to its original shape once the person gets out of bed, it never gets lumpy, making the bed very comfortable to sleep on.

Adjustable Beds – Can’t get into a comfortable position? With an adjustable bed, the user can raise the headrest to a seated or reclining position, perfect when unwell or for watching TV in bed.

Tempur-Pedic – A Tempur-Pedic bed is another option. In addition to conforming to the sleeper’s position, weight and body temperature, they also reduce motion, so a partner’s movement won’t interrupt sleep.

A backache is a pain but with the right kind of mattress, you needn’t suffer.