Straighter teeth, faster

A dentist and a patient

 A dentist and a patientOften, people who grew up with slightly wonky teeth have always has a sneaking wish to get them straightened. This may not have been possible when they were teenagers. However, all is not lost. Increasing numbers of adults are having their teeth straightened with clear braces in Beaconsfield.

Clear braces in Beaconsfield have taken teeth straightening to a whole new level in the last couple of decades, making it possible for adults with mild misalignments to visit their dentist for cosmetic braces treatment. If you live in Beaconsfield, Garden View Dental Clinic offers clear braces.

Many adults would love to have straighter teeth, but don’t love the idea of lengthy treatment times, discomfort and embarrassment that traditional ‘train-track’ braces bring with them. Fortunately, dental research has shown that such heavy-duty treatments are only necessary for people with serious bite problems to correct. There are many people who have perfect bites but whose teeth grew through wonkily. It is these people that most clear braces systems are aimed at.

Here we look at one system which is one of the world’s most popular. It is called Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles was developed for patients over 16 years old, with crooked or misaligned teeth, but not in need of any major corrections to their bite.

Six Month Smiles

This is a safe, effective alternative to traditional braces systems which can take up to three years to achieve desired results. Six Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfielduse clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. When they are fixed onto the teeth, these braces blend in so well with the natural tooth colour that they are barely visible. Patients can carry on with their daily lives without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. The other great benefit of Six Month Smiles is the rapid treatment times, on average between four and six months, rather than the 18 months to three years that traditional metal braces require.

The gentle forces that Six Month Smilesbraces use to move teeth result in less discomfort than traditional braces.

Six Months Smiles braces use special patient tray kits, so appointments take less time to complete. All these advantages add up to reduced costs compared to other braces systems.