Various Treatments For Acne Marks And Scarring

Woman with Acne

Acne scarring can affect a person for several years. It can affect his confidence and even the way he sees himself as well. Which is why facial clinics and medspas in Utah are offering various ways to treat acne scarring to make it less noticeable. Here are a few.


Microdermabrasion is perfect for people with fair skin. It uses tiny crystals that are gently sprayed over the person’s skin to help gently eliminate the outer layer and reduce acne scarring. However, people with darker complexion may need to be a bit wary about it as this may lead to discoloration and even further scarring.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels use a strong acid to help remove the top layer of a person’s skin. There are milder chemical peels that you can use at home. However, your healthcare provider may provide you with a much stronger solution to achieve more visible results. You may want to ask your healthcare provider to know which chemical peel type is right for you.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is almost identical with dermabrasion and chemical peel as it also removes the top layer of the skin. However, it provides a much faster healing time compared to other acne scarring treatments. You may want to have the area covered until it’s completely healed to ensure that it heals properly. However, this kind of treatment is not advisable for people who have acne breakouts and are not as effective on people with darker skin complexions.

It can be quite a challenge to eliminate years of acne scars and marks. But with constant treatment and with the help of your healthcare provider, then you can effectively achieve the results that you’re looking for much faster than you would expect.