What is the Most Popular Prescription Drug in Texas?

A prescription drug used for treating hypothyroidism ranks as the most popular prescription drug in Texas and 25 other states, according to an analysis.

The study showed that prescriptions for levothyroxine, which is the generic name for Synthroid drug, reach more than 120 million every year. Around 15% of patients above 55 years old use it for hormone replacement due to their poorly functioning thyroid glands.

Compounding Pharmacy

Some patients require a different kind of prescription drug for their unique condition. A pharmacy in the Texas Hill County with a compounding laboratory would be able to help you in personalizing the required medication.

While most hospitals have in-house pharmacies, it’s better to look for a pharmaceutical company that offers a diverse set of drugs. This can range from natural alternatives aside from the traditional and most common prescriptions.

Other Popular Prescriptions

Despite a noticeable decline, opioid prescriptions remain popular in the southern states, according to the study. The drug is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen for treating chronic pain, with Vicodin and Norco as some of the brand names. It is the most popular prescription among patients in Arkansas, Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Some experts said when prescription drugs are analyzed based on a larger classification, the findings would be different. Products used for treating high blood pressure, pain and mental health illnesses would then be the most common prescriptions in the U.S. Most doctors in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, and Rhode Island prescribe lisinopril for patients with high blood pressure.

When choosing a pharmacy in Texas for prescription drugs, choose one that has a modern laboratory for producing the most complex kind of medication. Even if levothyroxine is popular, it may not be readily available in most drug stores.