What You Should Know about Korean Spas in LA

On any given day, we find ourselves mentally and physically drained by the demands of school and work. Avenues to recharge ourselves can be sparse; however, the occasional break can do wonders after an exhausting stretch.

According to the University of Minnesota, a massage can help the body recover by helping it relax, and by encouraging proper blood and lymph flow.

Relaxation is the name of the game for Korean day spas in Los Angeles, which you will find have been steadily getting more and more popular. These spas stand out from most American lounges in that they get their influence from public baths (also known as jimjilbangs).

What to Expect from Korean Spas

As you go about the streets of LA, you will find numerous spas offering services such as massages, hot baths, detox sessions, and whatnot. With Korean spas, however, you can expect various types of aromatic massages, and a nice, long sauna bath capping off the spa experience, aside from the usual amenities.

For example, some of these specialized spas offer scrub and massages using milk and honey, or even hot chocolate. Their selections can get quite exotic (but never inappropriate), so if you are a first-timer, do not be afraid to go wild.

Korean spas in LA also go above and beyond by serving a variety of juices and traditional Korean food, and offering pool dips and facial masks, along with others.

The Sauna

Arguably the most exciting part of the Korean spa experience, sauna rooms can vary. Some spas offer crystal saunas, while others have salt and charcoal rooms. They design these to help flush out toxins from the body, helping it get rid of harmful substances while allowing it to heal.

Best of all, you can enjoy these sauna rooms in groups – you can take your buddies for a good sweat session for the ultimate bonding experience.