What’s the True Cost of Invisalign?

Woman with a healthy smile

The promise of straighter teeth, happier and healthier smiles and the resulting increase in self-confidence is a very appealing one. Modern dental technology is making it easier for adults to achieve all of these, and in this image-conscious society, the pull towards cosmetic dentistry is growing stronger all the time.

One popular cosmetic treatment, that also improves oral health and corrects moderate misalignments, is Invisalign. This is a series of clear, plastic aligners that fit neatly over the teeth. Once in place, Invisalign can only be seen by the trained eye, and they are also removable, making them a highly convenient way to straighter teeth. Sounds great, but what about the Invisalign cost in London? Show me the money! Right? Anyone who wants to get an accurate quote needs to visit an Invisalign dentist in the capital, such as Graham Tinkler.

The Invisalign cost in London is not as straightforward as buying a jar of pickles off the shelf: there are many factors involved that determine the final treatment price.

What type of Invisalign?

The first thing to find out is what type of Invisalign treatment is required. Full, adult Invisalign braces cost upwards of £3,500. For those with milder misalignments, Invisalign i7 starts at £1,995. There’s also a Lite and a Teen version available.

All in one Invisalign cost in London?

Next thing to check is what is included in the treatment package. Some dentists pack in everything the patient will need, including: the initial assessment, scanning and digital impressions, x-rays and photos, the aligners, retainers for after the treatment, any additional work that may be needed such as recontouring, and follow-up appointments. Some dentists even throw in teeth whitening, to really give the newly-straightened smile the bling factor.

Finance options

The other thing to bear in mind is of course whether the Invisalign cost in London all needs to be paid up front, or whether it is possible to get finance or a payment plan. Most dental practices give the option for patients to spread the cost of treatment in some way, but it’s always worth asking the question before committing to treatment.