3 Big Tasks You Need to Do When Moving House

Man installs insulation

Every year, thousands of people across the country move houses. And many of these people move into new homes.

Did you recently buy a new home? Here are some of the big tasks to consider for the new home before you move in.

Home Insulation

Insulation for the new house is important if you want to energy efficiency from the start. Home insulation also lowers the risk of mould growth due to condensation. This provides your family added protection against airborne allergens ‒ particularly important if you have infants, small children, pregnant women, and senior adults in your household. As insulation is placed in the wall cavity or roof, it’s best to install while the house is still empty, so you don’t have to move your things.

New Locks / Security System

Keep in mind that your real estate manager may have extra keys to your new home. The same can be said about anyone who worked in your new home, such as builders or appliance installation workers. If you recently bought a new home, it makes sense to change the locks for security. Also, consider installing an alarm system since a visible security system this helps deter potential burglars.

Professional Cleaning

Three words: All That Dust! You don’t have to deal with it ‒ you can hire professional cleaners. You’re already stressed with managing all the tasks during the move; the last thing on your mind is cleaning up the house as the dust settles. Professional cleaners have all the things you need and will handle all the areas you dread to clean ‒ from the garage to the bathrooms ‒ so you don’t have to worry.  Just remember, a professional cleaning crew will do a more thorough job.

Moving In

Cover your bases before you move into your new home so you can best enjoy the start of your new life. Don’t stress yourself with tasks that you can easily delegate to the pros.