3 Easy Techniques To Prevent Rust In Your Home


Rusting or corrosion, the destruction of metal due to a natural environmental reaction, brings a significant impact worldwide. Rust on metals affects our daily lives, as it can cause equipment failure, food contamination and reduced efficiency of some appliances.

Syntech agrees that when rust and corrosion are not prevented or removed by a sandblaster or other techniques, there will be significant risks to the safety of your home and even the health of your family. Here are some easy ways to eliminate and prevent rust in your home.

1. Use Baking Soda

More often than not, your outdoor furniture will be the first to collect rust. To prevent it, mix two tablespoons of baking soda with water. Find an empty spray container, place the mixture inside and spray it on the metal surfaces. Using an abrasive cloth, scrub down the mixture and rinse off using a garden hose. Be sure to do it outside to ensure safety.

2. Vinegar and Aluminium Foil

Dilute a half cup of vinegar to a half cup of water and put it into an empty spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly onto the rusted item and rub it off using aluminium foil. Afterward, wash the item using a hose or a sandblaster, if you have any. Be sure to wear gloves to make it more hygienic

3. Try Dehumidifying Packets

Moisture causes rusting and to prevent it, you can use dehumidifying packets. These contain silica gel that could absorb extra moisture in your house. This way, corrosion and rust formation would be prevented. Put the packets in strategic locations that are not accessible to kids, as they have dangerous health hazards.

In case your DIY efforts do not seem to work, you can go to a hardware store and buy rust removal and prevention products. If the problem is really bad, ask the experts to remove rust using a sandblaster or any other tools.