4 Easy Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Garden This Summer

a garden

To many people, summer means going to the beach or throwing a party at home. This season, though special, means entirely different to gardeners. Due to the extreme weather, plants and flowers are more susceptible to wilting and drying. To prevent these from happening, gardeners need to put more effort in maintaining their yards. Here are four simple ways to take care of your garden this summer.

Take advantage of automatic irrigation.

Sprinklers are every gardener’s best friend. Take advantage of this wonderful system this summer. Before the humidity rises, ensure that your sprinkler is working properly by contacting a sprinkler system repairs company in Salt Lake City or other nearby areas. A broken sprinkler will not only ruin your lawn but will also affect your monthly water bill.

Invest in lawn fertilizers.

This summer, don’t skip on the lawn fertilizer. Invest in a good brand; make sure it contains nitrogen, as this is every lawn’s most important ingredient. It’s also vital to keep a fertilization schedule. Remember that the more you fertilize, the more you’ll have to mow. Observe your lawn to determine a balanced timetable.

Plant drought-resisting flowers.

Flowers stand out during summer, making them a beautiful accent to every garden. Don’t let them die in the heat, though. If flowers are your thing, plant drought-resisting ones to keep them lovely throughout the season. Consider planting pentas, hibiscus, and moonflowers. These varieties aren’t only colorful but can tolerate heat as well.

Keep your grass tall.

If you think keeping your lawn short during the summer is a good idea, then you better think again. Tall blades of grass are more advisable during summer because they accept more sunlight ultimately providing more nutrients to roots and surrounding soil. They also provide shade to the soil helping it maintain its moisture even under the heat.

A beautiful garden can make your summer more memorable. Take the time to maintain it so you can keep your lawn healthy and your flowers blooming with color.