4 Top Elements of the Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Interior Design

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your kitchen, the thought to transform it from the traditional style to a modern look might have crossed your mind. But what defines a modern kitchen?

Here are four top features to think about as you conduct a kitchen remodel in your Utah home with expert help from Accent Interiors.

Horizontal lines are given prominence

A lot of modern kitchens emphasize the horizontal. Drawer cabinets are usually lined in a row, for instance, and hardware set horizontally to accentuate the drawers. This is a departure from the traditional style where the vertical orientation is usually the most noticeable theme.

There’s little ornamentation.

One of the most prominent features of modern kitchens is that there’s not much in the way of patterned tile shapes and mixtures of color, texture, and patina. Instead, there are such elements as flat-panel door styles joined by simple backsplash that contains unornamented countertops.

Natural materials are usually used

Of course, there’s no rule to say that your modern kitchen should not have any ornamentation at all. However, if you’re thinking of adding a bit of decoration, then keep in mind that modern kitchens usually get their ornamentation from the characteristics found in the natural material. For instance, you can take advantage of the beauty and veining of marble, or the horizontal grain of the oak.

Accent pieces are consistently used

Such accents as lighting, chairs, tables, and stools should be put into consideration as you design your kitchen. The objective is to make sure that they’re consistent, which is the opposite of what you’d find in an eclectic kitchen. A lot of the time, you’ll find that most or all of the pieces found in a modern kitchen are sleek and simple.

There are many styles you can consider when you want to update your kitchen. If you’re thinking of a modern kitchen, think of horizontal lines, little ornamentation, natural materials and consistency of style.