4 Ways to Bohemian-ize Your Fireplace


So, you have a contemporary fireplace that suits the Salt Lake City winter that’s coming. But that cozy place hasn’t changed since you got it. Comfort Solutions notes it wouldn’t hurt if you spice the place up a bit for a change.

If you love to sit by the fire to relax and sip a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa, maybe what your fireplace needs is a Bohemian touch. That’s easy to do from what you have now – off – white mantel against a grey wall, surrounded by earth-tone furniture and rough wooden floorboards. Here are a few tips on how to add that gypsy vibe to your fireplace:

Add animal prints

You can get a tiger print rug or zebra print upholstery to add to your earth-tone floorboards. The contrast will make for some mild safari ambiance by the fire.

Paint the wall

Take the big leap and change your color scheme to a deep turquoise or a soft orange wall. Flat and matte paint can easily be paired with a mandala tapestry and brown rugged leather chairs.

Go floral

Put single stem flowers in old wine bottles and place them on your mantel shelf. Use big floral throw pillow cases on a plain green couch. A floral tapestry would also look well against the off-white wall.

Use firewood

This doesn’t mean you should actually use them. Just stacking a few of them beside the fireplace gives a nice rustic look to it. Add old rose and brown woven mats to match poufs for low-level seating around the fire.

Changing your interior designs every once in a while can help add excitement to your home living. And your fireplace is the best part of the house to do that.