5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Sprinkler at Home Working For Years

Sprinkler system

Most homeowners assume that their lawn sprinklers at home could last long even if they aren’t doing anything to maintain them. But just like any equipment, your irrigation system requires routine upkeep to retain its full functionality.

Here are some steps to help you do just that:

Perform Regular Inspections

Keep your irrigation system in its best condition with complete and regular inspection, especially during every change of season. This will allow you to check if there’s a need for a home sprinkler repair service in Utah. Along with that, routine checks give you the opportunity to spot and resolve problems at early stages.

Check the Sprinkler Heads

See if the heads are functioning properly. Ensure that there’s no debris or dirt that could clog and block the system. Inspect them for any damages or cracks so you could easily replace them.

Adjust the Sprayer Accordingly

To ensure that your sprinkler will cover the areas you want, you can modify its sprayer based on the range you want. Try testing the existing setup first to determine whether you need to adjust your system or not. Do this every time you run your sprinkler.

Beware of Damp or Wet Spot

Look for damp or wet areas surrounding your irrigation system. Don’t ignore this issue, as it may indicate that you have a broken water line. Inspect your sprinkler starting from the main valve up to the sprinkler head to see if there are parts that require repair or replacement.

Ready Your Sprinkler For the Cold Season

As the winter approaches, be sure to winterize your lawn sprinkler to avoid frozen pipes. Detach and keep your garden hoses inside the garage to protect them from the chilly weather. As for the outdoor pipes, lines, and valves, wrap them up with insulation tape or covers to keep them from freezing.

It is easy to maintain your lawn sprinkler in its prime condition. As long as you know how and when to do it, you’ll never have to worry again about your system.