Carpet Mold: It’s Not Just The Moisture

Different Patches of Carpet

Carpeted floors require much more maintenance than floors without carpets. If you are a homemaker or business owner who maintains a carpeted floor, nothing can make you happier than having your floors clean and smelling fresh all year long. Unfortunately, many things can taint your clean carpets. Whether they are simple spills, wet feet or even the effects of natural calamities like floods, the experts at High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services understand that your carpet will require special attention, particularly against mold.

Moisture and Carpet Mold

Mold is a fungus you can find almost anywhere in your home. They thrive in moisture, hence we often find mold in wet areas such as the bathroom or basements. These fungi produce lightweight spores that can travel through the air. Aside from bringing an unpleasant odor, mold can also aggravate allergies.

If mold thrives in moisture, then you might think that keeping your carpet dry is enough to prevent carpet mold. This is a false belief, however, as humidity can also contribute to the buildup of moisture in the carpet and later on to the development of mold.

Dirt and Carpet Mold

It's not just moisture that promotes growth of mold on carpets. A factor that can aid mold growth on otherwise dry carpets is dirt. Dirt can cause mold growth due to spores contained in the soil or due to the buildup of moisture in the dirt. Dirt is harder to keep off of carpeted areas, as our feet and shoes often carry them in.

Eliminating Carpet Mold

It is therefore vital to keep the carpets clean and dry to prevent the growth of mold. Regularly vacuuming the carpets is a must, although professional cleaning with steam or chemicals can be more helpful. With professional help, you will not only ensure clean carpets, but you can keep the material healthy and ensure they last longer.