Carports: What are your Options?

carport renovation

Whether single or double, carports are an excellent addition to your home. However, the problem lies in determining the style and type that will blend in with the existing features in your home, and remain functional.

Will you be using your carport for storing your recreational vehicle, your car, or do you intend to convert it for other uses? Just Patios, a construction expert from Brisbane, suggests that knowing and understanding various types of carports makes your selection much faster and more comfortable. That said, here are carports options worth considering.

Open Sided Carports

If you are looking for a fast, comfortable, and affordable way of creating a carport, then an open-sided carport is the way to go. All you need is to set up the frames and add a roof to it.  This will offer your vehicle protection again sun, rain and hail damage. However, note that this option may not protect your car from violent and dangerous storms.

Attached Carports

This category adds excellent value to your home as it is directly attached to a part of your house. They are easy to construct especially if you have an existing roof line. They are an excellent option for people who want a direct pathway that links your house to the garage.

Home addition or extension

If you are looking for a way of adding value to your home, this carport is the way to go. Reason being, they are built directly into your home and are a more permanent option compared to the other options. However, note that this option is also a little bit pricier than the other options since it offers better protection against rain, sun, hail and violent, destructive storms to your vehicle.

Identifying your preferred carport type is half the effort. The other half lies in getting a contractor who will ensure that your carport structure is sound, and up to code.