Garage Door Malfunction: Know the Warning Signs

Front shot of a garage door

An automatic garage door is perhaps one of the handiest things ever invented by mankind. Imagine having to get down to your car and manually opening your garage door in the middle of a huge snow storm so that you can safely bring your car inside your home! But with automatic garage doors, you can quickly enter your home and store your vehicle with just a click of a remote.

However, like other things, garage doors are not invincible and would need some attention. Before things get worse, it is important to know the condition of your garage doors and have it repaired. Garage door contractors in London, Ontario know what to do when they see these signs.

Strange sounds

Strange sounds might simply mean the lack of lubrication. So a drop of oil or two often does the trick. But, if this does not work, it might mean that your opener or spring is not functioning well. Have a professional check it and fix the cause of the problem.

Remote control doesn’t work

When your garage door slowly responds when you click the remote or does not respond at all, do not panic. The batteries may have simply run out. However, if the problem persists, check the garage door mechanism. Automatic garage doors are complicated, so calling in a professional and skipping the DIY part is recommended.

Off tracks

Garage doors have tracks that they follow to properly open or close. If you notice that your garage door is off track, have it repaired immediately. Old doors that have been hit with a strong force tend to do that and might cause major problems if left unresolved.

Can you see these signs in your garage doors? Maybe it is time to call a professional and have them repair it.