Home Design as a Form of Self-Care

When work becomes stressful, and friends are making you want to tear your hair out, there’s one place you can go: home. It’s where you have everything that makes the end of a long day something to look forward to. It’s the one place you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Now, with more people geared toward self-care, home design is becoming a form of escape from the busy world outside.

Long-term Importance

People no longer shop for things that just look good. While aesthetics is still a major factor when home item shopping — especially at a time when everything must be Instagram-worthy — homeowners also consider the long-term use of the products they are buying.

Aluminum estate gates and pool fences get a nod, while flimsy tables get the boot.

A Smart but Not Obstructive Home

Every Black Mirror episode teaches a lesson: technology is not always good, and the more you rely on it, the more obtrusive it can be. There is some good in curated and intuitive actions from your handy digital assistant, but do you need them to take snapshots of your life without asking automatically?

Homeowners can go with a smart home while still keeping their privacy, thanks to small pockets of non-tech spaces — yoga rooms, for instance, are becoming a hit.

Saying Goodbye to Excess

With the uptick of minimalism and decluttering, homeowners are on the lookout for multi-purpose, space-saving items in the house.

Furniture pieces that you can convert from a storage space to a seating option can replace oversized sofas that only have one function. Even the bedroom can be converted to something more functional and less excessive with the use of stowaway beds.

They come and go, but of all the trends that people have clamored for, self-care seems to be the one that makes the most sense. Here’s to hoping it stays.