How to Convert Your Loft in Style

living room with loft space above

So, you need a new room in your home, and you easily think about converting your small attic into a liveable space. Now, this may be scrunched up in the roof, but it totally does not mean that you would have to compromise on design. Here are ways you can add some style to your loft conversion in West Wickham.

Focus on the Windows

Natural lighting can make any room look bigger. So to give your loft conversion a huge boost, you might want to add a few windows, and if you have the budget, put in some skylights in there too. This way, you would not have to compromise on privacy, and you would also get to save on energy use.

Add a Roof Garden

If you love plants and all the greenery, there is no reason not to incorporate that into your new living space. A roof garden will not only make your loft look extra stylish, but it will also give you a space where you can relax every time you feel stressed. Just look out of the window and bask in all the glory that is your own roof garden.

Use Multi-purpose Storage

Since your loft conversion would typically be small, you would have to be creative when it comes to the furniture. You definitely would want to get a few cabinets and chairs that have different types of uses. For example, get stackable chests and drawers that you can also use as tables. Get chairs that you can easily use as storage for your books and magazines. You can also get a couch that doubles as a bed if you are planning to use the loft as a guest room, for instance.

Always ask for your designer and architect’s opinions when it comes to loft conversions. The more input you get, the better!