How to Maintain Your Trees During Winter

Photo of landscape with trees

The winter weather in Kent has been a bit severe lately; even schools have been forced to close for a couple of days. The cold weather can also take a toll on trees and shrubs, and the least you could do is try to maintain them. You would still want to see them healthy after all the snow, wouldn’t you?

You can maintain your trees yourself, but your best option is still to call professional tree surgeons in Kent to take care of them for you.

What is pruning and why should you do it?

Pruning is important to maintain the aesthetical value of your trees. The method of pruning includes removing specific branches or stems that are no good for the tree. Constantly pruning your trees can enhance their natural beauty and help them function for years. Pruning during winter can also help avoid serious tree diseases.

Is mulching necessary?

Yes, mulching should be done during the winter season to retain soil moisture and reduce summer soil temperatures. This can improve the soil nutrient levels and structure, giving your tree a healthy life even during the cold.

Mulching includes spreading certain types of material over the soil’s surface to cover it. The types of mulch include bark, compost, compost manure, grass clippings, straw and shredded leaves.

Should you get the tree’s branches out of the way?

If there is a risk of falling branches, immediately cut them or call a professional tree surgeon to take care of it for you. Falling branches is very dangerous and can cause harm to you and your family. They can also destroy your home, which is especially dangerous during windy storms and heavy snow.

Should you clear the snow on the trees?

Keeping snow away from your trees and clearing them out is a good way to prevent an accident. Do not allow snow to collect on your trees’ branches and limbs, as this can be extremely heavy for them, which will eventually be the cause of breakages and damages.

It is not recommended for you to climb trees during the winter season though, as this is very dangerous. Get help from tree surgeons and let them do all the work for you.