Mold Remediation Need-To-Know: Tips and Costing Advice

A moldy wall

The mold problem after flood damage in your Salt Lake City home can be huge, or it can be small depending on some factors. Houses that suffer from the aftermath of a storm or a plumbing leak may have to deal with a fungal infestation.

You can handle the job yourself if it’s a small black patch on the bathroom tile but realize there may be other areas affected, which may not be readily visible.

Easy tips and tricks of the trade

How do professionals deal with mold-related issues? One of the things they do that you may want to know about is that they implement specific practices to prevent further dispersal during remediation. Mold spores in drywall and similar types of material may spread when the wall is cut into.

To prevent the spores from spreading, they use a vacuum with HEPA filter. When there are moldy materials that are impossible to clean up completely, they must be carried out of the house in sealed bags and disposed of properly.

This is especially true of molds on porous surfaces. Keeping them will only increase the risk of further spread of infestation. Further, when the outbreak is extensive, it is better for the family to live elsewhere during the cleanup, especially if someone is mold-sensitive, or has respiratory conditions.

Mold remediation costs

Professional companies can provide a quotation before you hire them. Do not be surprised if you see a quote ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 for mold removal from infested walls, crawl spaces, and the attic.

When there is structural damage from a long-standing mold problem, you may have to prepare anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. These are conservative estimates.


If you want to know if the insurance covers mold remediation activities, then you had better clarify the extent of the coverage. Most of the time, insurance companies do not cover mold problems due to a neglect of maintenance.

They may cover mold problems due to burst plumbing lines, but without flood insurance, you may have to spend for the post-flood mold infestation that arises.