The Real Dangers of Operating Faulty Furnaces

Man checking the furnace

Many homes in Indiana come equipped with space heating in the form of furnaces. With the serious innovations and improvements furnaces have undergone over the years, the modern ones now boast of not just better performance, but a longer-lasting life too.

With proper use and unmissed routine maintenance, they can even last for a lifetime. Note though those unpredictable events can still occur and lead to its malfunction.

The good news is, as long as you contact a highly qualified and licensed Indiana furnace service provider such as Legacy Heating & Air as soon as problems arise, you can prevent them from worsening. More importantly, keep everyone in your home safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

CO poisoning and the scary truth behind it

Carbon monoxide causes thousands and thousands of injuries and even deaths every year. One of the biggest reasons behind this is because of its invisible, colorless, and tasteless characteristics – or lack thereof. With basically not having any idea of its presence, it is easy to fall victim to its poison.

About 10,000 people suffer from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning on a yearly basis. But what is worse is that it claims the lives of about 200 people every year too.

Keeping your home’s indoor air quality free of CO

There are plenty of household equipment and appliances that can generate carbon monoxide as a byproduct, but the biggest threat is a faulty furnace. In many cases, this results from gas leakage due to cracked or damaged heat exchangers.

Yes, the furnace will still run, but it does not mean you should use it. Doing so puts everyone in your house at risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Keep your home healthy and comfortable by calling in the experts as soon as you notice any damages or issues with your furnace. In addition to preventing deadly CO poisoning, this also keeps risks of fires or explosions at a minimum.