The Shocking Truth About Mold Growth After Indoor Flooding

Black Mold Buildup

When it comes to flooding inside your home, whether brought about by a burst pipe or a natural phenomenon, such as heavy rains or severe storm, you need to act as quickly as possible. You want to limit the extent of the water damage to keep your home and valuables from complete destruction. More importantly, you want to prevent molds from overtaking your residence and wreaking havoc to your family’s health. shares some important information about mold growth following indoor flooding.

The rapid growth of molds

When something in your home gets wet (such as the floors, walls, carpets, upholstery, furnishing, etc.), it will only take 24 to 48 hours before molds set in and begin to grow. Once mold spores have found a source of nourishment, they will multiply rapidly and spread throughout all the other damp areas in your house. Allowing this to happen may hurt your wallet and your health, as molds can trigger asthma and cause other health problems.

Stopping mold growth before it spreads completely

You can prevent the spread of molds as long as you act immediately after the flooding occurs. In order to do this, you need to dry out your property completely. However, many cases require the use of special drying equipment, and this is where a Salt Lake City water damage repair company can help.

Professionals specialize in emergency water extraction and drying of flooded properties. They carry out water damage restoration in the quickest and safest way possible, as they have all the necessary tools and equipment. Reputable companies also understand that disaster may strike anytime, so they make sure someone can take care of their clients’ emergency calls.

Don’t let water damage put your family’s health at risk. Stress and anxiety might follow after indoor flooding. Call water damage repair specialists right away. Remember: you only have a day or two to keep mold growth and infestation at bay.