Three Must-Have Features To Complement A Modern Pool

Modern Pool and Gazebo Outside a Villa

Custom-made swimming pools can stay outstanding through the incorporation of modern, unique features. These range from attractive lighting schemes to soothing sounds bubblers make. These features will ensure that your pool remains your favorite spot for entertainment and lounging. Expert pool builders in Salt Lake City share which extras are sure to spice up your outdoor area:

1. Tanning Ledge

This is the ultimate indicator of elegance and sophistication. They provide a separate shallow area which helps you tan in style. To further your comfort, you can include an umbrella and chairs to help you relax in style. Additionally, the tanning ledge can also become the kiddie pool, making supervision of your little ones easier.

2. Deck Jets

Characterized by modernity and a sense of classic styles, deck jets are the true description of class to your pool. Moreover, you can incorporate them into your pool in a variety of ways. For instance, you can decide to mount them on the pool walls or cast them on the concrete. Either way, they will still provide you with the visual, audible soothing that you are looking for.

3. Fire Pit

There is nothing as refreshing as going for a night swim. To make it even better, getting a place to warm up after a swim makes it even better. How far you can go with your creativity determines the type of fire pit that you will be having. You can choose to go for a do-it-yourself no frills pit if you can get a detailed built in fire pit for your pool.

The features mentioned above will make your swimming pool a small haven (as long as it isĀ well-maintained, though). By working closely with your pool builders, you can have all these features custom-made to fit your needs and your style.