Three Proper Ways to Get Rid of Carpet Stains

wine stain on a white carpet

Carpet cleaning seems all too easy until you try it yourself. The material used to create these things are usually the same, which means that cleaning them using the right method is very important. Here are some tips on how to clean your carpet properly and when you should get carpet cleaning services in Bickley.

Avoid Rubbing on the Stain

Rubbing will only cause friction on your carpet, which will lead the stain to break down and ruin a huge part of your carpet. When cleaning, you should dab on the stain instead of rubbing on it. Use a clean cloth and a carpet cleaning solution to get rid of the stain easily. Another tip is to blot starting from the outside of the stain. Doing otherwise will only spread the stain further.

Freeze the Gum on Your Carpet

One of the worst things that can happen to a person is stepping on a chewed gum. Well, there is something even worse than that—not realising that you stepped on one and having the gum get caught on your brand new carpet.

The solution to this nightmare is freezing the gum. Grab an ice cube and put it over the chewing gum for about 30 seconds. Once the gum is all frozen, grab a spoon and lift the gum. If you still see remnants on the carpet, then cut some of those strands up until the gum is hardly noticeable.

Call a Professional

If all else fails, then your best bet would be to call carpet cleaning professionals. They have all the right tools to clean your carpet, plus, they know what to do to keep your carpet stain and odour-free. Go online and identify which one caters to your area. See some testimonials from past customers to make sure that you are working with the right company.

Always have some carpet cleaning solution on hand to make sure that you keep your carpet clean at all times.