Tools Used in Professional Gutter Cleaning

worker cleaning gutter on house with shovel

Gutters are essential for the protection of your property’s foundation and walls from water damage. These components, however, need regular cleaning to keep them in excellent working condition. Most property owners assume all they need is a broom and ladder to handle their gutter cleaning.

This DIY gutter cleaning route is inefficient and has left most Tauranga residents with grave injuries from falls. There are various tools used by professionals for risk-free and effective gutter cleaning. Here are some of these tools:

Power Flushers

These are used to spray away the debris from your gutters using water at high pressure. They are used with various power charging accessories or batteries and sometimes mirrors to get a good view of the interior part of your gutters. Professional gutter cleaners have the required expertise to determine the ideal pressure to use without damaging your gutters’ material.

Clamp Accessories

These are used to pick debris from your gutters. They are attached to powered machines unlike DIY tongs and can haul a considerable amount of debris at various gutter distances. Most of them do not, however, have mirrors and hence it is difficult to detect how much debris is left after cleaning.

Rotary Gutter Cleaners

These are the most sophisticated gutter cleaning equipment. They feature rotating brushes which swipe out leaves and debris and vigorously scrub the gutters. Some rotary gutter cleaners come with hose pipes which release water jets under high pressure to clean the gutters further. Though costly, these are the ideal tools used for a thorough gutter clean.

You need not endanger your life trying to keep your gutters clean using various improvised tools. Get a professional company to handle the cleaning using the above tools. Not only will this assure you of exceptionally clean gutters but it also protects your roof and property’s sidings from damage and scratches from various techniques and tools used in DIY gutter cleaning.