Divorce Announcement: Should You Do It on Social Media?

Torn paper as concept of divorce

When going through a divorce, some people use social media to voice out their feelings and let the others know that they are starting anew. Common ways of doing so include changing their relationship statuses and posting quotes or memes about betrayals, heartaches, and being single.

Aiming for a Mutual Decision

While it isn’t entirely wrong to post statuses and photos during your divorce, you need to be cautious with your actions. If you’re thinking of announcing your divorce on social media, it’s important to talk about it with your partner. Family lawyers in Albuquerque note that it’s still best to have a mutual decision instead of rushing to tell everyone that you are ending your marriage.

Deciding on a Strategy

When breaking the news on social media, you and your spouse should have a strategy. Decide when and how you should change your status, so close friends and families won’t have to guess or figure out what is really happening. Having a social strategy can also avoid hostility and legal issues, which is ideal if you want to have a healthy split.

Joint Posting or Announcement

If possible, you and your partner should craft an announcement that both of you feel comfortable on posting. It could be a simple and short joint announcement or even a divorce selfie. The latter is ideal if both of you are on good terms and want to preserve your friendship. Whatever you decide, just be sure to avoid going into the specifics of why your marriage failed.

Have a Quiet Time

Even your decision to divorce is final, you shouldn’t be thinking about letting everyone know that you and your partner are breaking up. Besides, spending so much time on social media, posting photos, and sharing memes of single life can sometimes slow down your healing. If you can, it’s best to put off using social media until everything is over.

The things you post or share on social media during your divorce can sometimes work against your favor. If you don’t feel so good about the status or image you’re about to share, you may want to put it off first. You should also work with your divorce lawyer to navigate the whole process better.