Documents That Will Help You Win a Child Custody Case

Couple fighting for child custody

Separation is a sad eventuality for some marriages. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you should ensure that your children are well taken care of. The best method of guaranteeing this is to have the right parent get child custody.

Most parents assume that the parent with more money or the mother is the natural winner. However, this is erroneous thinking. Anyone with a good child custody attorney can win custody in Marysville courts. Other than your lawyer’s competence, the right evidence will go a long way in boosting your case. Here are some documents that will tip the scales in your favor:

Call Logs

Keep a diary detailing phone calls between your child and your ex. These records should include the call frequency and duration. The call logs prove the communication between the child and his/her other parent. However, the court will not be pleased if you have curtailed the connection between your child and ex in any way.

Visitation Schedules

After your separation, keep a log of how frequently your ex visits your child. These schedules prove the existence or lack of a meaningful and continuous relationship between your ex and your child. Like, call logs, ensure that you do not impede these visitations.

Your Child’s Records

Children report cards and hospital records will go a long way in proving how well your child is doing in your care. You can consider getting statements from coaches, teachers, and neighbors. These will be evidence to support how well your child is thriving.

The given documentation is not only valuable for the custodial and non-custodial parent. You can use them to prove that your child is not doing so well with the parent that he/she is living with. Nothing should stop you from seeking child custody.