Finding the Right Kind of Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

photo of a family lawyer talking to a couple with a childFamily law is a sensitive and highly emotional area of the legal system. If family solicitors in Portsmouth have been called into a situation, it’s usually because there has been a breakdown between family members, sometimes leaving them unable to communicate or resolve issues.

Even if, in a divorce say, the partners are separating amicably, there’s still the dissolution of a marriage to be worked through, including separating belongings and shared assets such as a house or car. This process can bring up strong feelings on both sides. An experienced firm of family solicitors in Portsmouth, such as Andrew & Andrew, will be able to guide their clients through these delicate waters, taking care of the administration and practical aspects of the case, leaving the clients free to deal with the emotional side.

Mediation first

These days, family lawyers do all they can to help clients resolve things to the benefit of all parties. Mediation is a key part of the process, as is following the principle of no blame: not laying the problem at the door of any one person involved, but rather looking for construction solutions that include all points of view. Every effort is made to reach an agreement out of court.

If children are involved, the family solicitors in Portsmouth will prioritise their needs. If the case does end up in court, the court will also consider what is going to be best for the child when arranging access and maintenance orders.

Finding the best resolution

Many family lawyers are members of an organisation called Resolution. Their code of practice is considered best practice in this area and any lawyer following it will:

  • Encourage all parties to put the needs of children first
  • Listen without judgement
  • Make all efforts to reduce conflict and inflammatory language
  • Be objective, honest and act with integrity
  • Help clients to understand the long-term implications of their actions.

No one wants to have to use family solicitors in Portsmouth: but, if it does become necessary, finding a firm who will put children’s needs first and listen to everyone involved is a great first step to getting issues resolved to the best possible outcome for everyone.