Man Vs. Wife: When Divorce Court is the Better Choice

While divorcing couples can benefit from working out the solutions themselves, it is not applicable for everyone. When mediation or collaborative law can’t work, the traditional divorce court may seem like the only choice left. This is especially true if you and your spouse cannot talk without arguing or if one party refuses to resolve the issues together.

The best Family Law attorneys in Denver, Colorado share a few other circumstances where traditional divorce court is the better choice.

Your spouse and cites personal aggrievement.

If one party is too angry about the divorce, they may refuse to communicate with you or with your lawyer, which will only keep the process from moving forward. But it is best to pursue the divorce with a capable divorce lawyer.

Your spouse is a bully.

When your spouse is a bully, trying to resolve things alone will be a waste of time and effort. There is a big chance that the other party will try to refute all your arguments or refuse to negotiate reasonably. Many experienced mediators can explain a few things to your spouse, but it is also common for many bullies to avoid mediation and best for you to the divorce in court.

You have a dishonest spouse.

If you believe that your spouse is lying or hiding about substantial assets and properties, collaborative divorce may not be the right choice. This is also true if they have a tendency to be dishonest about certain things or engaged in questionable behavior. Traditional divorce court would be the better choice in such circumstances.

It is always advisable to avoid divorce court, but when this is just impossible, it is better to be prepared. Work with an experienced divorce lawyer to guide you through the process and protect your rights.