Preparing to Appear in Court: Do It Right

a decently dressed client with her lawyer

Going to court is one of the most challenging activities you’ll ever have to do. People pray they don’t have to go through this, but when you’re faced with a case, not showing up will only lead to worse things.

When you have to show up to court, you need to dress appropriately. Here are some reminders:

Keep It High

Of course, you’d still want to look decent while facing the respectable judge and the members of the jury, but this is not the time to be wearing clothes with low necklines. A woman who was sent to the Marysville Reformatory for Women claimed she was judged for her “sexy” courtroom outfits; you do not want this to happen to you.

Take some hints from your defense lawyer, who looks professional in their business attire. You don’t have to look like you’re in an executive meeting, but it does look better if you seem put together and well-prepared.

Mind Your Facial Expression

Though they say that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty, your face is the first thing the jury will see. Try not to give them hints that you did something wrong. Even if you didn’t do it, your expression may be saying otherwise. Keep the leers and the sarcastic attitude out of the courtroom. They will not do your case any good, and they might just hurt your chances of being a free individual.

Use the Right Words

You don’t need to be a linguist to be cleared of a charge, but you do need to be articulate. Make sure your words are clear and not open to misinterpretation, especially when describing a scene. Keep profanities out of your answers as much as possible. The more polite and straightforward your answers are, the better. Remember, you need to show respect to the court, the judge and the jury. Every little detail and every wrong word could hurt your case.

It may be unfair that a person gets judged by his looks and demeanor while at court, but you don’t want to take your chances. Be as polite and professional as you can.