The Best Defense for a Felony Starts with the Right Attorney

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As someone who is currently facing a felony charge, it is a must that you retain an attorney right away – but not just any attorney. You cannot expect to win if you rely on the same legal professional who handles your will or helps you with real estate purchases. The situation you are in warrants someone who practices in the State of Utah itself and specializes in criminal defense laws in the state.

What constitutes as a felony in the Beehive State

You need to hire a felony attorney practicing in Utah County when the authorities charge you with a major crime. Such criminal acts can result in a punishment of long-term imprisonment and hefty fines. Murder, sex crimes (such as rape), assault with a deadly or dangerous weapon, as well as theft of property or services are just some examples of felonies in Utah.

How the state classifies criminal offenses

One thing to keep in mind though is that the state further classifies these crimes into four different categories, namely: Capital Degree, First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree. Crimes that fall under the Capital Degree are the most serious of all, and often result in life imprisonment (with some having a possibility of parole) or even death. Those categorized as Third Degree felonies are the least serious of crimes, although the punishment typically still consists of imprisonment.

The right practitioner for you: One who has courthouse-specific experience

As a defendant of a felony, you don’t want to take chances, seeing as you can serve such a long time in prison. As such, it’s necessary that you choose an attorney who already has a considerable experience dealing with the specific courthouse where your case is pending. Also, choose a legal professional who has handled cases similar to yours.

Felonies and the punishment that goes with them can alter a defendant’s life so significantly. So don’t take any risk; make sure you choose an attorney who can build a strong defense for you.