Care Guidelines for Different Types of Fine Jewelry

A chest containing pieces of jewelry

Every lady’s accessory collection has a few pieces of fine jewelry. These are meant to last a lifetime but will only do so with proper care. There are various tips on caring for fine jewelry. They should be stored in boxes with dividers or compartments and any repairs should be done right away.

You should also visit fine jewelry stores in Long Island at least twice annually to have the pieces professionally cleaned. This is done using machines and special detergents. Kravit Jewelers shares some additional care tips for various types of fine jewelry.


Though durable, diamonds still require utmost care. When engaging in any rough work, remove your diamond ring to prevent scratches and chips on it. The chlorine used in various household cleaning agents can also discolor your diamond rings; therefore, you shouldn’t wear it when washing. After a professional cleaning service, handle the diamond from the edges.


Before showering or cleaning, ensure that you remove your gold jewelry since soap can dull its shine significantly. It does this by forming a film around the gold piece. The chlorine concentration used in swimming pools can also discolor or damage gold jewelry, so take it off when swimming.

Cultured Pearls

Pearls are incredibly delicate and at exceptionally high risk of being damaged. Ensure that you wipe your cultured pearl jewelry with a soft cloth after taking it off to remove traces of cosmetics or perfumes that can damage them. You should also wrap it in tissue paper or put it in a chamois bag during storage to minimize the risk of scratches from your jewelry box’s lining.

Always have an expert jeweler evaluate your pieces immediately after you acquire them. He/she will advise you if the piece needs any additional care. Proper care will make your fine jewelry worth every dollar you spent on it.